Coaching for Artists and Arts Organizations in Marin County by Career and Business Coach Mary Edwards Career and Business Coaching for Artists and Arts Organizations in Marin County by Mary Edwards

Common Questions

How does coaching work?

We meet first for 30 minutes, either in person or on the telephone.  This first consultation is free and doesn't commit you.  I ask questions and learn about you and your needs.  You ask questions and get to know me.  If we decide to move forward, then we will agree on a plan customized to your needs. All costs will be clearly spelled out before coaching begins.

You may only need a few sessions, but more often a coaching program takes 3-6 months in length.  During that time we meet regularly, either by telephone or in person.  Between coaching sessions you will be working on an action plan, and I will also be working to help you achieve your goals.  Coaching is a partnership.

How can coaching improve my planning skills?

Coaching gives you a structured process that is easy to follow.  You will be able to define your goals and plan how you're going to achieve them.  Each time we meet you focus on your goals, identify obstacles that might get in the way, and plan "next steps," actions that you will take between coaching sessions.  Most important, you will have a partner to help you!

How does coaching for artists & arts organizations differ from other programs?

Most business coaches and career coaches offer generic advice that is hard for artists (and other creative people) to implement.  I have developed artist-focused coaching programs based on the best ideas from many fields. These programs are "artist-friendly" because the techniques are specifically designed to work for you.

How long does it take?

Each person's needs are unique, and the coaching program is tailored to fit your specific objectives.  Our first conversation is of course free and without obligation.  Then you may need just a few sessions, or the coaching process may take several months. If you are interested, I will give you a specific proposal, including cost estimates.

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