Coaching for Artists and Arts Organizations in Marin County by Career and Business Coach Mary Edwards Career and Business Coaching for Artists and Arts Organizations in Marin County by Mary Edwards

Coaching Services for Arts & Cultural Organizations

As a leader of an arts organization, you face a difficult challenge. You want to be flexible and creative, in keeping with the spirit of your organization. At the same time, you need strong business management skills to help you develop and sustain the health of the organization.

I have struggled with this balancing act, and will give you confidential advice, support, and practical strategies.

Executive Coaching

Are you constantly juggling many responsibilities? Do you often feel you need more hours in your day?

Through coaching you can discover how to:

  • Create more time through effective planning and organizing
  • Clarify your goals and break them into manageable steps
  • Strengthen your partnerships with board, staff, and community
  • Prepare effective budgets, business plans, and grant proposals
  • Improve your presentations to funders, community groups, or your board
  • Provide management training and development for your staff

Team Development

Are you trying to create a high performing team out of a diverse group of people?

You will learn key skills for:

  • Planning and facilitating staff meetings
  • Managing people and delegating work to others
  • Setting performance objectives and giving feedback to improve performance
  • Working productively with artists and other creative people

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a way for your organization to reach agreement about where you want to go and how best to get there.

Do you need to introduce or update a strategic planning process?

You and your organization will learn how to:

  • Identify critical factors for success in the future
  • Address board, staff, and community concerns
  • Create a positive dialogue around difficult issues
  • Develop and implement practical, measurable plans

Board Development

Is your Board of Directors full of diverse people?  Do you believe they could work together more effectively?

You will be able to lead your Board to achieve better results by:

  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • Using agendas to create better dialogue and decision making
  • Turning disagreement and conflict into discussion of the issues
  • Building commitment to action plans

"Mary's coaching has helped me with both personal and professional challenges over the past year. When I'm in a situation that seems overwhelming, she creates what I call a 'thinking space.' She helps me find ideas or principles to guide me, so that I can better understand the situation I'm in. We clarify my main goals, and then organize my challenges into manageable tasks. Mary's coaching has empowered me to handle a series of very difficult challenges."

~ V. Patraka, Executive Director
Institute for the Study of Culture & Society Bowling Green, Ohio

Local Marin County organizations meet with me both in person and by telephone throughout the coaching program. I coach U. S. based and international clients by telephone and through Skype. Contact me now to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation!

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